The public has trust and faith over the food products sold in the market because they see the FSSAI Logo and number on the food products. So, it makes the FSSAI License more mandatory to obtain by all the Food Business Operators( FBOs).  In, this article we will discuss how to get the FSSAI License in less than 15 days ?. But before that look over the what is FSSAI & why FSSAI License is important to obtain?


The FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India the governing body.  Food Authority of India is another name for FSSAI. It was established under the Food Saftey and Standard Act of 2006 along with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

  • FSSAI has made for laying down-science based standards for food articles.
  • Even regulate the manufacturing, storage, production, sale, import and export of the food products to ensure their safety and quality for consumption.
  • FSSAI has rules and regulations for all the food business operators to get FSSAI License Registration.

FSSAI License :

All the traders, manufacturers, restaurants involve in the food business must get a 14-digit license number which is printed on their food packages. The FSSAI license should be registered under the FSSAI the regulatory government body to maintain food standards and security.

Why FSSAI Licence is important to obtain?

FSSAI License is important to obtain due to various reasons and most importantly “the first wealth is our health” :

  1. Assurance of quality food: The consumer today is much more interested in knowing about what they are eating and is it safe and have good quality. FSSAI Registration marks the security that food is quality-based and hygenic to consume.
  2. Increase reliability on FBOs: The public has faith and trust over the food products they are buying are fit to consume. FSSAI License issuance make the public to maintain trust over the food products. It makes the company reliable to get food products. The food business can make an official announcement that they are certified.
  3. Security checks on food business: Inspection is conducted to check the manufacturing, storage, and products of the food products and its environment are hygenic or not. Thanks to FSSAI the governing body appoints the officer to conduct the inspection to ensure the high standards of the food product.
  4. Issue of Improvement Notices: If the FSSAI License is rejected or during the inspection, the food product results in some improvements and rejects the application. There is the issuance of the Improvement Notice which states that the food product needs improvements. This is given when the officers find the violation of the regulations as mentioned in Section 32 of the FSS Act, 2006.

These are the main reasons to get the FSSAI License as it provides the security of food standards. But how to get FSSAI License and its validity time?

Process to get FSSAI License in 15 days :


Eligibility Consultation

The Food business must check their eligibility to be able to register for the FSSAI license.  The Eligibility Criteria for food license depend on the annual turnover of the food business. There are 3 types of FSSAi Licence – Basic FSSAI registration, State & Central FSSAI Licence.

  • Basic FSSAI registration- This license is eligible for small food business operators like petty traders. They have an annual turnover of up to Rs.12 lakh.
  • State FSSAI License- In this license the medium-sized food business is eligible to apply like large industries, dairy units, etc. Their business turnover is between Rs.12 Lakh to Rs.20 crore.
  • Central License- This license is applicable to big business importers & exporters of food products. They have their turnover more than Rs.20 crore.


How to register?

The FBOs are must have a valid personal e-mail ID or contact number and use the same to register on the FSSAI portal online. Log in to the website and enter the details e-mail ID, contact number and Name. After that click on ” Apply Online”.

Website Link-

get FSSAI License

how to register for FSSAI License



Submission of the Application form online

The application form must be completely filled with all the major details and fees might be paid either online or via demand draft or CSC Payment mode.


Collection of required documents

Completion and submission of all the documents required for the License.

  • Form A or Form B (Form – A for Basic FSSAI Registration & Form – B for State and Central FSSAI Registration) – completed and signed,
  • 2 Passport Sized Latest Photographs,
  • PAN Card of the Business Owner/Proprietor/Partner/Director,
  • Proof of Possession of the Premises (Property Papers – for owned property. Utility bills (Electricity or water) or Rent Agreement – if the premises is on rent),
  • Partnership Deed,
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Association (AOA) of a company,
  • The complete list of food items that the unit will be processing,
  • The planned FSMS (Food Safety Management System). Applicable for FSSAI State or Central Food License only.
  • Authority letter with name and address of responsible person nominated by the manufacturer and an alternative responsible person indicating the powers vested with them. Such as, assisting the officers in inspections, collection of samples, packing & dispatch. This is mandatory for manufacturers and processors, (applicable for Licenses only).
  • Analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological) of water to be used as an ingredient in food from a recognized/public health laboratory to confirm the portability. Mandatory for manufacturing and processing units. (applicable for Licenses only).
  • No Objection Certificates from the local body or the municipality  (Optional)


Offline Submission

Within 15 days of submission of the application form, the applicant must take a printout of the Online Application Form and attach the demand draft in case of fees not paid online and supported documents and submit the application to their State Authority or Regional Office of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

To bridge the gap between safe and adulterated food, food control safety is the necessity. Flexibility and efficiency in the standards of the food industry serve a protective sheet to the consumers.

FSSAI Offices are located in all parts of India. For more details about the FSSAI offices, officer contact details and address of FSSAI office click on the link given below.

FSSAI Offices in India 

These are a few steps to get an FSSAI License in 15 days. Prepare and follow these steps and 14- digit license number will be in your hand.

Validity & Fees for FSSAI License 

The Validity time for FSSAI Licence is 1-5 years for all the food business operators. The FBOs can apply for the application according to their convenience. When the validity period is over the FBOs need to apply for its Renewal. The FSSAI Renewal process is for extending the date of your license.

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  • Fees for Basic FSSAI registration for 1 year  – Rs.4,500/-
  • Registration Fees for Central License for 1 year- Rs.17999/-
  • Registration State License for 1 year- Rs.11000/-

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