If you enjoy cooking food then starting a homemade food selling business. Nowadays you can sell food through food aggregating apps like swiggy and Zomato. This is a great chance to turn your talents into a business. And you need a food license for homemade food business.

For a home-based food business, you require to reach the food safety requirements as other food businesses despite the size of your business or how frequently you sell food.

Introduction to Homemade Food Selling

Background :

The government of India on 23rd August 2006 gave his permission to act to join all the laws related to food and to establish the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). That will make the standards based on science for the food items and will regulate the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import, in order to make sure that safe food available for human consumption, it will also deal with all issues related with food.

When a person is commencing a  business of homemade food then it is compulsory to have some licenses and certification as selling food from home is equal to selling food in a restaurant. So, one can start registering for various general licenses or permits from the local Food and Health Department.

To secure your personal assets such as your home, consider creating a business entity such as a limited liability company, Sole Proprietorship, Private Limited Company, etc. It is very quick and easy to get it done. One should compare and understand the pros and cons of both business entities properly. Also, it is very important for the service provider to follow the Health Department rules and regulations. Before starting your business contact the local Health Department for specific regulations, certifications, licenses, and insurance information in your area. The Health Department checks the area which is going to be used as the kitchen for the preparation of Homemade food.

What are the requirements?

Home-based businesses must comply with relevant parts of the Food Standards Code, including:

  • Standard 3.2.2 – Food Safety Practices and General Requirements
  • Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment
  • Part 1.2 – Labelling and Other Information Requirements

Food safety officers can inspect home businesses to make sure these requirements are being met.

Licenses Required –

Some of licenses/permissions you require for starting a homemade foo business, it can differ from state to state:

  • FSSAI License: FSSAI is the food authority of India which offers the FSSAI Registration. It is important to get a license from the FSSAI to operate a food business in India. We will discuss in detail about FSSAI License.
  • Registration under the Shops and Establishments Act: A food business has to enroll under this Act of the State in where its business is established.
  • Health Trade License: A health trade license permits a business to trade in any items or services which have a direct impact on public health. This license is given by the Municipal Corporation or the health department of the State.
  • Liquor License: If the business wants to serve alcohol within its premises, then it requires to apply for a liquor license and get it from the local Excise Commissioner. They grant this license to any food business that wishes to serve any drinks containing liquor.
  • Eating House License: This license is needed for any business where the common public is allowed and any sort of food or drink is served for the public’s consumption. An eating-house license can be taken from the State Police Commissioner.
  • Environmental Clearance: This license can be taken from the State or City Pollution Board. This license is given once the authority estimates the reach and impact of the business on the environment.
  • Signage License: A signage license allows a food business to promote it by inserting up any words, signs or pictures. Your food business is required to apply to the local Municipal body.
  •  Society’s NOC

There are important licenses & certifications. But how to register for Food License in Homemade Food Selling?

Procedure to register for Food License in Homemade Food Selling

The procedure to register for Food License in Homemade Food Selling :

  • Complete a Simple Form

You require to fill our FSSAI application form A or B depending on your business turnover and give details about your food business. As there are 3 types of FSSAI License:

  1. Register FORM A– When the business Turnover is Below 12 Lakhs ( BASIC FSSAI REGISTRATION)
  2. Fill FORM B – When the business Turnover is Rs.12 to Rs.20 crore ( STATE FSSAI LICENCE) or Above Rs.20 Crore ( CENTRAL FSSAI LICENSE)

food license for homemade food

  • Send your Documents and Submission

You need to email the required documents and the application processing will proceed further. Basic documents required for Food License in Homemade Food Selling. These are the documents required for Homemade Food Selling :

  1. Form A or B completed and signed
  2. 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  3. PAN Card of the FBO Owner/Proprietor/Partner/Director
  4. Proof of Possession of the Premises (Property Papers – if the property is owned, Utility bills (Electricity or water) or Rent Agreement – if the property is on rent
  5. Partnership Deed
  6. Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Association (AOA) in case of a company
  7. The complete list of food items the unit will be processing
  8. Declaration form
  9. Authority letter
  10. Form IX

Your FSSAI License application with other declarations are filed to the local FBO by our CS/ CA and you will get a 14- digit FSSAI License number for processing your food business. This will take about 10 days.

  • FSSAI license Issued

You will get a mail of the license which will act as a food license online after regular follows ups with the food safety department. The procedure will take about 2-4 days and your FSSAI Licence and certificate will be delivered.

Validity Period of Food Licence in Homemade Food Selling

FSSAI license is valid from 1 to 5 years. According to the FSSAI rules, the homemade food selling operator ( FBOs) needs to apply for the renewal of the license in 30 days and it should be done before its expiry. Any FSSAI renewal application filed exceeding the expiry date is needed to pay a late fee of Rs. 100 per day for each day of delay. So, all home food selling operators need to track and ensure that the FSSAI license is valid at every time.

For FSSAI License Renewal, the FBO’s need to apply 30 days before the expiration of the validity of the existing license. If FBO’s fail to take a license before this time frame they need to pay a penalty for it. Hence, it is better to renew the License in time.

Penalties for not registering the for Licence 

If an FBO is found Non-Compliant with the terms of the FSSAI, it will get punished. The penalty structure is regular and applies to everyone. A few FSSAI penalties for a non-compliant FBO are listed here:

  • If the FBO is running the operations without applying for the Food Safety certificate, this is punishable under the Act. The FBO may face imprisonment or a fine of up to Rs. 5 lakhs and even both of them.
  • If a business is selling sub-standard quality food items, it may be punished for up to Rs. 5 lakhs. And the person responsible for selling, either himself or by a person working on his behalf, would be held responsible.
  • The FBO selling misbranded goods, either himself or by a person acting on his behalf, may get penalized by an amount up to Rs. 3 lakh.
  • For all the entities selling, packing, storage, distributions or importing of Food Items containing extra or exotic substance, a fine of Rs. 1 lakh may be levied.

In extreme conflicts, where death has occurred due to consumption of that particular Food Item, the penalty to the responsible FBO may extend to Rs. 5 lakh or even imprisonment, depending upon the severity of the situation and how much harm has been caused.


In a Homemade Food Selling, you require a food license from FSSAI to sell homemade food. Homemade food selling is considered as the Food Business is expected to either register or get a Food License. According to Food Safety and Security act, 2006 every FBO is expected to get an FSSAI Food License. The type of FSSAI License registration will depend on your homemade business turnover.

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Frequently Asked Question


What is the FSSAI license?

FSSAI Licence is to register a food business under a regulatory body called FSSAI. FSSAI is named as Food Security and Standard Authority of India.

How to get the FSSAI License for Homemade Food Selling?

You can FSSAI Food License quickly from our website Fssiafoolicense.in. Our expert team will manage you about the procedure involved and documents needed to obtain an FSSAI Food license.

What is the feed of an FSSAI License for Homemade Food Selling?

The fees of the FSSAI Food License depend on all the types of licenses you are wanting for i.e state, central or basic license. The starting registration fees are from Rs.4500/- for basic registration of one year. For more knowledge contact our expert team on +91-875-000-8844.

What is the procedure to get the FSSAI Food License?

The process to get an FSSAI Food License is :
• Step 1- Consultation and Documentation
• Step 2- Application Filing and Approval
• Step 3- Licence Delivery

What are the documents of FSSAI Licence are needed in Homemade Food Selling?

• Passport-sized photograph of the candidate
• ID Proof
• PAN Card
• Address Proof
• Copy of Property papers (if owned)
• Copy of Rent Agreement along with the NOC.

Name the types of FSSAI Food licenses?

There are 3 types of FSSAI Food license:
1) Basic FSSAI Food Registration
2) State FSSAI Food License
3)Central FSSAI Food License

What is the FSSAI License Number?

It is a 14-digit number provided by FSSAI after enrolling for the FSSAI License. It is printed on food packages.

How long it takes to get FSSAI License for Homemade Food Selling?

In 7 days if its basic fssai registration and 30 days if its central or state fssai license.

How to check the status of the FSSAI application?

To check the FSSAI application status log inti government official website.

What are the consequences of the non-renewal of the FSSAI Licence?

In case of neglecting to get a renewal of food license has to pay a penalty of Rs. 100 per day in the particularized validity time after that your license can be deleted and require to apply for a fresh license.