FSSAI is the regulatory body that is responsible to regulate the food security of India. Therefore it’s important for all food business operators to issue an FSSAI License or FSSAi registration under FSSAI. To create FSSAI Login one needs to follow some steps and fill necessary details. But before that let’s have an overview of FSSAI & FSSAI License/Registration.

Overview: FSSAI & FSSAI License

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) is the governing body that issues food licenses to all the food businesses in India. All food safety linked acts come under the FSSAI Act of 2006, therefore it is known as the food authority of India. FSSAI is made under the  Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI has the authority associated with food manufacturing, processing, distribution, packaging, and storage. In case any food business operator fails to comply with rules & regulations of FSSAI he/she will be dealt with penalties.

FSSAI, though, lays down some processes in order to build laboratories all over India for the examination of nutritional levels in the food particles. It is responsible for getting all FBOs registered under them. FSSAI License or Registration is a process in which food business operators get themself registered and get certified that their food products are reliable for human consumption.

It has become important to get a food license by all Food Business Operator and for everyone who is in the series of delivering food. As soon as the FBO gets enrolled under FSSAI you will be given with a 14 digit number on food license. There are 3 types of license basic, state and central license. They are divided on the basis of the annual turnover of FBO. This license will be valid up to 1-5 years depending on your application for FSSAI Registration. Now, we will understand the step by step procedure to create an FSSAI license login.

Apply for FSSAI License

Steps to create FSSAI Login 

To begin the food-related activities all Food Business Operator including the manufacturer, processor, marketer, distributor, etc are expected to obtain the FSSAI license in India. Just obtaining the FSSAI license is not sufficient rather there is a necessity of printing the 14 digit FSSAI number on every article packaged for sale. To get the FSSAI license in India, an application is expected to be made to the relevant government for the issue of registration or license. Now how to apply for the FSSAI license? To apply for the FSSAI license there is an original requirement of creating an FSSAI login. Creating an FSSAI login is a simple step by step procedure that you can follow and take your first step in the process of creating an FSSAI login. For your assistance here we have outlined the procedure of creating the FSSAI license.

  • Step 1 ( Visit FSSAI Government Website)

The first and foremost step is to log in to the government website of the FSSAI License which is an official website. Here is the link – https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx.

FSSAI Registration homepage
  • Step 2 (Click on the Sign-up )

When you click on the website on the left side of the page you will see the “Sign-up” button and “existing user login”. Click the sign-up option and you will be redirected to a page called “FBO Sign Up”.If you have already made an account then enter your user ID and password or if you are a new user click on the sign-up icon. This is how the page seems:

Sign-up page
  • Step 3 (Fill details of your FBO)

This step for the new users. Click on the sign-up button and enter all the details of your food business operator.
Enter the details of your Food Business Operator (FBO). These details include Name of Applicant, Name of the Company Holding the restaurant/food business, Address of the Food business, email-id, mobile number etc. Keep in mind, enter the correct details and build a password that easy to remember. Click the checkbox next to “I agree to the terms of use of FLRS”, Insert the captcha code given for you.

Fill up the details mentioned below:

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Company
  3. Address
  4. State
  5. District
  6. Postal PIN code
  7. Email ID
  8. Mobile number
  9. User ID
  10. Password
  • Step 4 (In case of existing username/password)

In case the Username or Password already exists, a message will be displayed on the screen, by which you will have to make the changes. The messages say that you have to add a special character and any number in the password.

Already Existing User
  • Step 5 (SMS after successful Sign up)

Once your account is strongly created, you will get a notification on your mobile number and email ID. Once you have done all the customs of the FSSAI login, now you can apply for an FSSAI license after 30 days. Finally, you will get your login credentials at your email ID. Keep in mind that you take the screenshot of the mail. Though the FSSAI website offers to forget password options with high security. Along with the credentials, you will get thank you for the FSSAI registration mail.

Conformation on Mail

Note:1)In case if the created user-ID and password make problems like the password has already used or doesn’t comply with the FSSAI regulation password eligibility. Create a strong password and save it somewhere to remember.

2)In another case, remember to update e-mail id and phone which will stay active in the long run because you may ask for password change.

Why register for FSSAI License?

There are various reasons that food business operators must register for FSSAI License. But the well knowing reason is to just for the food safety and security food license is mandatory. By registering for FSSAI License your food business will gain trust among the public that your food is fit to consume. The customers are now more aware of the food products and ingredients they know ell how to differentiate the food certification. So, therefore necessary to get registered.

Another big reason is to overcome the problems like adulteration, toxic- substance these impurities make the food unfit and can further lead to diseases. FSSAI conducts strict inspections just to check the food business processing, storage or manufacturing environment. FSSAI logo is used by the food business operators when they are permitted the license along with 14- digit FSSAI License number which again makes the reason to register.

Last but not least, the most eligible reason to apply for an FSSAI license is it has legal advantage. FSSAI is the regulatory body that is established under the government so there is strict quality control of food. So, what are you waiting for just apply today for FSSAI License and expand your food business up to high levels!


Creating an FSSAI Login and then applying for the license online can prove to be a challenging task at times.
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Frequently Asked Question 

What is the full form of FSSAI?

The full form of FSSAI is Food Saftey and Standard Authority of India.

What is the FSSAI Licence?

The FSSAI Licence is expected to issue by all the food business operators for providing the quality of food for consumption. The license is issued by the FSSAI the regulatory body under Food Saftey and Security act, 2006.

How to get FSSAI Licence?

1) FSSAI registration is started by submitting Form A (application) to the food and safety department.
2)This application can be trusted or it may be rejected by the Department within 7 days from the application date and the fact has to be suggested to the applicant in writing
3)If the application is allowed, then the department will give a registration certificate with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.
4)FBO must prominently show the certificate of registration at the place of business during the working hours

Which are the types of FSSAI Food Licences?

FSSAI department divide FSSAI license in 3 parts:
a) FSSAI Registration: Start or Turnover below 12 Lakhs.
b)FSSAI State License: Turnover of more than 12 Lakhs.
c)FSSAI Central License: Turnover of more than 20 Crore or Food Import-Export.

Which are the basic documents required for the FSSAI Login process?

The documents for FSSAI Registration are:
• Signed Form B
• Photo ID proof of food business operator
• Copy of proof of possession of premise such as rent agreement
• MOA, AOA, Partnership deed, etc. – depending on the type of entity
• List of food products

What id the validity of the FSSAI Food license?

FSSAI Food Licence is issued and valid for 1 to a maximum of 5 years depending on the application filed.

What is FLRS?

Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS) is a scheme launched by FSSAI to help Food Business Operators in India to apply for FSSAI Registration. FLRS allows the FBOs to examine their premise’s eligibility according to the area or the activity being carried on that premise.

How to renew FSSAI License?

As per the guidelines of FSSAI, all FBO has to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the prevailing food license. The first validity of food license is determined by the food operator is up to 1 -5 years.

What is the FSSAI Number?

FSSAI Number is a 14 digit number printed on the products. Labeling it on Food items is a requirement. The purpose behind the imposing labeling terms of food products exported outside India is the distribution of information. Apart from it to enhance food acceptance in the foreign market.

What is the penalty for Non- Compliance?

Listed is the penalty for a different type of non-compliance:
1)Food quality not in compliance with act 2 Lakh and Petty manufacturer – 25,000/-
2) Sub-standard food-5 Lakh
3)Misbranded Food-3 Lakh
4)Misleading advertisement or false description-10 Lakh
5)Extraneous matter in food-1 Lakh
6)Failure to comply with Food safety officer direction-2 Lakh
7)Unhygienic processing or manufacture-1 Lakh