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FSSAI Food License

Online Registration Process. Apply Now.FSSAI Online Registration is the basic and the must need for all the Food Business operators, whether they may be wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders, Re-packers, etc. There are different types of FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License & the type depends upon the annual turnover or the size of your Food Business.

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What is FSSAI?

FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is set up to control the powers granted to the FBOs and to perform the functions assigned to it under the Food Safety and Standards Act. It is known as the Food Authority of India. The Food Authority of India is a corporate body, having perpetual existence and an official seal with the power to acquire, hold and cast out of property, both movable and immovable, and to contract and shall, by the said name, sue or be sued. The Headquarter of FSSAI is located at Delhi and some other regional offices are located in the other states. We can handle your responsibility, Liabilities and other things with the experience of years. Register with us for FSSAI food license Online.

FSSAI Food License is under the control of Government of India and Ministry of Health and Family Affair which also acts as fssai license consultant. FSSAI has been entrenched under the Food Safety and Security Act, 2006 that has defined standards for food products based on scientific researches. It regulates their production, storage, distribution, sales and imports to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Licensing and registration of food business

There are different types of FSSAI Registration or License. The type of FSSAI Registration depends upon the annual turnover or the size of your Food Business. No person has the right startup or carry on a food business except under a license with exception of a petty FBO, but they also need to register themselves with the food authority.

The Food business operators who are looking for new FSSAI License or renewal of a existing one, need to apply online by filing the Fssai registration Form B. Its not a difficult task, you just need to fill only one Application Form to apply either for new license or for the renewal of the existing license. FSSAI license is basically a 14- Digit registration number need to be printed on food packages.

Based on the Annual Turnover of an FBO, they need to either apply for the basic FSSAI Online Registration through FORM A or apply for a FSSAI License thorugh FORM B.

Category of License:

Annual Turnover Registration/ License
12 Lakhs Registration Form A
12-20 Lakhs State License Form B
20 Lakhs Central License Form B

Any FBO without FSSAI licensing is liable to pay penalty for the offenses. The Act is defined OFFENSES AND PENALTIES related to food. Register now to ensure that you are not liable to any offense and penalty thereof. One can apply for Registration / License online all over India.

Why you should get FSSAI License?

    • There is a high degree of consumer confidence in safety & quality of food.
    • to promote innovation in foods products.
    • removal of multiple regulations
    • facilitates trade without compromising consumer safety & a larger share.

    Why you should get FSSAI License?

      • FBOs needs to apply for Food License or registration.
      • If your Food Business is operational in more than 1 state, one additional Central License for Head Office is necessary.
      • Importers are allowed to take one single central license at their Import Export Code address.
      • One presumption with various types of businesses is eligible for one registration only.
      • Food Business Operators shall follow the rules and conditions of registration in order to get license for food.

      Types of License Price (In Rs)
      Basic Registration 4,499
      State License 10,499
      Central License 17,499

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How to renew my existing FSSAI license?
      It takes atleast 30 days to renew your license before the expiry of your existing license. You need to submit your current license number to the LegalRaasta team. We will File your Form A or form B (depending on the type of your previous license) for renewal of the license. It typically takes 30-40 for renewal of the license. The government fee is same for renewal as for new license issue.

      2. I have manufacturing Units in multiple states. Do i require individual license for each state?
      You need to have a Central license for your main head office and individual state licenses for each manufacturing unit in different states.

      3. import eatery items to India and sell them in India. Do i need a license from FSSAI?
      Yes, you need to obtain a central license from the address mentioned in Import Export Code.

      4. We manufacture only food additives. Do i need to get a license?
      Yes, FSSAI license is necessary for food related activities of any kind including manufacturing, trading, distribution and transportation. Therefore, you need to have a license from FSSAI.

      5. Is it required to have a license for catering services that comes under Centtral government?
      Yes, all the catering establishments even working under the Government of India like Airports, Seaports, Railway stations, etc need to have a FSSAI Food License. In almost all the cases, they need to have a central license.

      6. What license formalities are to be done if i have multiple warehouses in a same city or state?
      If you have multiple warehouses in same city you need to have a separate license for all of them. In case you have multiple warehouses in a single campus you need to have a single common warehouse.

      7. Does Legalraasta provides FSSAI license renewal?
      For sure. Legalraasta has a well experienced team of license providers and license consultants. If you need to renew your existing license, visit https://www.fssaifoodlicense.com/renew-fssai-food-license/ .

      8. How to get a license for a Hotel Business?
      The process for getting restaurant license is same as of other licenses. Just relax and let legalraasta makes your work easy by getting fssai restaurant license for you. All you need to do is to e-mail us the required documents. Within 20-40 working days we will mail you the fssai license status/food license status and that’s all, you will get your food and safety license without any dificulty.